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Mithaas Edison Review

1655-170 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820

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Mithaas Oak Tree Rd, Edison, NJ

Mithaas Oak Tree Rd: Tasteless Indian Food, Not Recommended

Mithaas is another Edison Indian restaurant that gives a bad name to the famed Indian food.

Indian cuisine derives its magic by the blend of various spices resulting in a flavorful, divine taste that can transport you straight into the portals of heaven.

But should you be unfortunate enough to visit Mithaas, you, dear diner, is guaranteed a passage to perdition.

Big Disappointment

Much of the food we sampled the other day at Mithaas was a tasteless, flavorless travesty compounded by pathetic service.

Be it the Mithaas Special Thali or Gobi Paratha Platter the story is the same. Makes one wonder whether the restaurant's kitchen is manned by humans, chimps or Satan's minions.

Located in the Big Cinemas complex on Oak Tree Road, Mithaas, a sister restaurant of Moghul Caterers and Urban Spice, is not your typical dine-in restaurant. You walk up to the cash counter, place your order, pay for it, pick up an order token and wait at a table for your food to arrive.

Mithaas - Tap Water

When we walked into Mithaas late afternoon the other day, it was near empty with just three diners. We found it encouraging since we were in a hurry and wanted a quick bite before hitting the highway soon.

We placed our order of Mithaas Special Thali ($9.95) and Gobi Paratha ($8.50) for main course and Rabri ($5.95) for desserts.

As we were taking out our wallet, the tall middle-aged Indian guy with glasses at the counter suddenly barked:
"You want anything to drink, water, soda, lassi?"
The inclusion of water in the drinks list surprised us a bit as water invariably comes with the food in most Indian restaurants in the world. Looking at our surprised faces, the tall guy clarified that he was referring to bottled water. We mumbled that plain water would be fine.

The fella rudely stared at us for a second and derisively remarked:
"Oh! if you want tap water we will serve you tap water."
His tone made us fear that drinking tap water would lead to our early death.

Adding to our concern, there were no water jugs to be seen anywhere near the food counter or water glasses with a jug on the tables which is a customary fixture in most Indian restaurants. So we added a bottle of water to our order.

Mithaas' strategy of getting customers to pay for even water by offering them only tap water as an alternative and that too only when asked seems like a cheap, tawdry practice.

Not a good start we told ourselves and quietly picked up the token and waited at a table for our food to arrive.

Endless Wait

We waited and waited and waited.

The bozos in Mithaas Kitchen and the lazy wait staff in the dining area took an eternity to get our food out.

Our Mithaas Special Thali order arrived twenty five minutes later. Then the endless wait for other items of our order making us wonder as to what was going on.

It took another 15-minutes for the Gobi Paratha and Rabri to show up.

But there was no sign of the water bottle. After waiting another 10-minutes, we hailed a Hispanic waiter and asked him about the water. He got us our water bottle without any apologies or explanation for the delay.

If you think Desi Indian waiters are clueless about service, you have not seen the Hispanic bozos. They are worse when it comes to rendering service to paying customers.

Disappointing Food

To describe Mithaas Special Thali as disappointing would be an understatement.

For what landed on our table was a tasteless, flavorless travesty masquerading as Indian food.

Mithaas Special Thali ($9.95) included two Rotis, a small serving size of Plain Rice, Raita, Rajma, Alu Saag, Paneer Masala Dry, Salad, Pickles, Fried Long Green Chilli and a sweet.

Mithaas Special Thali
Flavorless Mithaas Special Thali
Mithaas Gobi Paratha
Tasteless Gobi Paratha

Devoid of any flavor, Rajma tasted like finely boiled red beans. No, we did not enjoy this flavorless red monstrosity one bit. Man, it must take special talent to screw up a simple dish like Rajma.

Paneer Masala dry included a piece of red pepper and few slices of Onion and was not in the least bit spicy or tasty.

Alu Saag was a dry monstrosity lacking both taste, flavor and clearly the hand of a competent Chef.

Rotis were soft. Plain Rice seemed fresh with a sprinkling of grated carrots. But the soft Rotis and seemingly fresh Plain Rice did not give much relief as the accompanying entrees were all hopelessly bad.

The medium thick cold Raita was creamy and alright.

The Sweet while good did not taste like Mathura Peda as claimed by the Hispanic waiter.

Pickle was alright and the lone fried Green Chilli turned out to be tasty.

Gobi Paratha Platter

Gobi Paratha Platter included four half pieces of Paratha with a dab of butter, Pickle, one fried Green Mirchi and cold Raita on the side.

Folks, there were multiple issues with Mithaas Gobi Paratha:
If you are hankering for a good Paratha on Oak Tree Road, we suggest you head to Khasiyat on Marconi Avenue in Iselin.

Rabri - Simply Divine

Rabri was delicious with the right amount of sugar and milk and a perfect texture.

Merely thinking about Mithaas' Rabri gets us into an orgasmic swoon.

But the serving size of the Rabri in the mud pot was too small for the rip-off price of $5.95.

Mithaas Rabri
Mithaas Rabri

Mithaas Edison - Our Rating

Folks, if you crave fine Indian vegetarian food on Oak Tree Road you are not likely to get it at Mithaas.

Poor service compounds the dissatisfaction with Mithaas' food. The middle-aged Indian bozo at the counter was too busy munching something to bother paying attention to the kitchen or the service.

Also, avoid Mithaas if you are a group. Food is delivered with large time gaps and robs you the pleasure of enjoying your meal together.

Like its sister restaurant Urban Spice in Iselin, Mithaas is more show than substance. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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