Dakshin Express Crushes Paradise Biryani

For some odd reason, Biryanis have become a big thing on the East Coast lately.

From Massachusetts to Georgia and perhaps even beyond, it seems like every other day a Biryani place is opening up in one city or the other on the Eastern seaboard.

In Edison, New Jersey, the two well-known Biryani places are the hole-in-the-wall Dakshin Express and Paradise Biryani Pointe, a larger operation with multiple branches.

Having tried Egg Biryanis at both places recently, our verdict is that Dakshin Express' biryani (below left) is nonpareil, good enough to be served to Gods while the Paradise Biryani Pointe's biryani (below right) is unfit to be served even to dogs.

Words are so inadequate when it comes to expressing the divine flavor, the exquisite aroma and the orgasmic joy that comes from eating Dakshin Express' Egg Biryani. :)

Au contraire, we feel like puking when we think of Paradise Biryani Pointe's awful biryani and the spoiled gravy that accompanied it. :(

Egg Biryani from Dakshin Express and Paradise Biryani Pointe Edison, NJ
Hey, you can read the complete review of Dakshin Express here and Paradise Biryani Pointe Edison.

If you guys happen to be in the Oak Tree Road area in Edison, NJ, we strongly recommend you stop by for the Dakshin Express Biryani.

By the way, Dakshin Express' dine-in price for the Egg Biryani is $8 while the Paradise Biryani Pointe takeout price for the same biryani is $11.99!

It's one of those rare instances in life where you pay less and get far superior quality.

Folks, Dakshin Express is the real deal. Paradise Biryani Pointe is a disgrace, an impostor that must be shunned.

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