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Green Chilli Iselin NJ Review

Green Chilli
1192 Green St
Iselin, NJ 08830

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Green Chilli: Awesome Chicken Biryani, Good Gutti Vankaya

Just the other day while driving on Green St (an extension of Oak Tree Rd after you pass RT-27) in Iselin, I spotted a glittering sign board screaming Green Chilli Dosa, Biryani and Buffet.

Wow, I told myself, yet another new addtion to the already over-crowded Indian food scene in the Oak Tree Road area.

Oak Tree Road in Edison and iselin already has over 56 Indian restaurants spread over on a 4-mile stretch.

Given my weakness for Biryani, I quickly entered Green Chilli and ordered a takeout of Green Chilli Special Chicken Biryani ($10.99) and Gutti Vankaya ($7.99) Vegetarian entree.

It took about 40 minutes for my food to be ready.

Here's my take on Green Chilli Special Chicken Biryani and Gutti Vankaya curry.

Green Chilli Special Biryani

To put it in one word, Green Chilli Special Chicken Biryani was "awesome".

Green Chilli Special Biryani was spicy and packed a rich aroma of biryani spices.

green chilli special biryani iselin © OakTreeRoad.us
Spicy Green Chilli Special Chicken Biryani

Green Chilli Special Chicken Biryani had several things going in its favor:

green chilli iselin raita © OakTreeRoad.us
Bad Raita

Green Chilli Iselin Gutti Vankaya

Sometimes in life when it rains, it pours tasty Indian food.

That's precisely what happened with my order of Gutti Vankaya vegetarian entree from Green Chilli.

green chilli gutti vankaya iselin © OakTreeRoad.us
Gutti Vankaya
green chilli iselin white rice © OakTreeRoad.us
White Rice

As requested, Gutti Vankaya entree was spicy but without any one spice overpowering the other.

Gutti Vankaya included one medium size round eggplant and five small brinjals.

It was enclosed in a tasty, thick onion, tomato gravy and right amount of oil.

The onion, tomato spicy gravy seeped well into the eggplant making it quite yummy.

Gutti Vankaya at Green Chilli Iselin comes with an option of either rice or roti. Since it was a takeout, I opted for rice.

White rice was fine and I had no complaints about its texture. The serving size of both Gutti Vankaya and white rice were adequate.

Green Chilli Ambience and Service

Like most Indian restaurants on Oak Tree Road, Green Chilli on Green St also has the ambience of a dump.

As you enter, you have lunch buffet station by the window on the left side, tables upfront, cash counter (with menu posted on the wall) and kitchen at the rear.

green chilli iselin © OakTreeRoad.us
Green Chilli Restaurant Ambience

Since I wanted a takeout, I walked upto the counter and picked up a menu to place my order.

The Telugu speaking waiter wore a haggard look and did not care to smile or even mumble a 'hello.'

He mechanically asked me about the spice preference for my Gutti Vankaya order.

I paid my bill and waited at a nearby table for the food.

It took about 40 minutes for my food to be ready, which in my opinion is too long considering that the restaurant was empty except for two other diners digging into their idli/dosa. Twenty five minutes into the waiting time, the same waiter checked up with me whether I want rice or Roti with my Gutti Vankaya.

My takeout came neatly packed in boxes and included three plates, three napkins but just one plastic spoon.

Green Chilli Rating - Go For It

Notwithstanding my minor irritation over the stiff service, horrible raita and absence of gravy for Biryani, I'd strongly recommend Green Chilli Indian restaurant on Green Street in Iselin for all Biryani aficionados.

Also, the Gutti Vankaya vegetarian entree was tasty and much relished. The overall serving size of Biryani, Gutti Vankaya and white rice were adequate.

By the way, Green Chilli on Green Street in Iselin also offers lunch buffet ($9.99) and lunch specials ($4.99-$6.99).

I plan to return soon to Green Chilli in Iselin to try its Dosa offerings. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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