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Sukhadia's Oak Tree Road Sweets

Sukhadia's Sweets
1507 Oak Tree Road
Iselin, NJ 08830

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Sukhadia's Sweets Oak Tree Road

Sukhadia's Sweets Review: Disappointing Indian Sweets & Snacks; So-So Service

Will someone please tell the constipated-looking bespectacled manager/cashier at the Sukhadia's sweets counter on Oak Tree Road in Edison/Iselin not to stare at customers like a nitwit?

Gosh, how badly has the Sukhadia's location in Edison (New Jersey) fallen!

Much to our dismay, the quality of Sukhadia's sweets and snacks at the Edison location has steadily deteriorated over the last few years.

Disappointing Indian Sweets

During our latest visit to Sukhadia's on Oak Tree Road, we tried several sweets and ended up mostly disappointed.

quality sweets assorted sweets
Sukhadia's - Disappointing Indian Sweets

Horrid Indian Snacks

It's not just the sweets that have deteriorated at Sukhadia's Edison location.

sukhadia banana chips
Banana Chips
sukhadia snacks
Super Mix Hot Snacks

Even Sukhadia's snacks have lost their charm.

For instance, banana chips were neither spicy nor was there any evidence that salt had even been added to it. Perhaps, Sukhadia's ran out of salt and chilli powder when the banana chips were prepared. Oddly enough, the banana chips looked so reddish that when we purchased it we were sure it would be real spicy. Must have just been some food color. Boy, were we duped.

As for Sukhadia's Super Mix Hot, the less said about this horrendously bland snack the better.

Don't even go near the Sukhadia Samosas with their tasteless filling.

Poor Service

Like the quality of its sweets, Sukhadia's service has also slipped considerably. We found the sullen counter assistants to be borderline rude.

Also, why can't the lazy slobs at Sukhadia's put up a name tag for each of the sweets? That would make things easy for customers.

The old geezer at Sukhadia's cash counter also failed to give us an itemized bill for the different items we purchased.

All in all, Sukhadia's sweet store on Oak Tree Road in Edison/Iselin is no longer worth visiting.

If it's genuine, tasty Indian sweets you are looking for, then Sukhadia's is not the right choice.

But Indian sweets lovers in New Jersey need not despair because there's plenty of choice in the Edison area these days - there's Bengali Sweets, Chowpatty, Jalaram, Jassi Sweets etc. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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