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Paradise Biryani Pointe Edison Review

Paradise Biryani Pointe
1677 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820

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paradise biryani edison

Paradise Biryani Pointe: Horrible Biryani, Spoiled Gravy, Poor Service

Folks, we've had Biryani at several Indian restaurants in the New Jersey and New York area.

But never such an unpalatable, vile tasting Biryani accompanied by spoiled gravy as the one served by Paradise Biryani Pointe on Oak Tree Road in Edison.

Disgustingly Bad!

Paradise Biryani Pointe - Confusion Pointe

You see, the other day, we were driving on Oak Tree Road and looking for a restaurant with a open sign so that we could quickly get a takeout.

When we saw the bright OPEN sign hanging on the Paradise Biryani Pointe door from Oak Tree Road, we quickly turned into the parking lot.

Although there was a OPEN sign, the Telugu-speaking girl at the counter looked irritated at being disturbed and kept muttering Kitchen Closed, Kitchen Closed. She told us that even takeout was closed and rudely asked us to return at 6PM.

As we were about to leave, a young fellow came out of the kitchen area and told us that dine-in was closed but takeout was still available before quickly retreating into the Kitchen area behind the cash counter.

We were surprised at the lack of coordination between the staff but happy that we could get something to eat.

Picking up a copy of the takeout menu on the counter, we were about to order a long list of items when the Telugu girl, by now an angry camper, started muttering Only Biryani, Only Biryani. So we quickly settled on Egg Biryani ($11.99).

By now, the angry girl was on the cell phone again, with a boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, spouse, Peddakka, Nanamma, Tatayya or whoever.

Horrible Biryani

To put it in one word, Paradise Biryani's Egg Biryani is Horrible.

Maybe, just maybe it's good enough for dogs but most definitely not for humans, particularly paying customers.


Because it is a spicless, flavorless travesty accompanied by spoiled gravy.

Paradise Biryani Pointe Egg Biryani with Spoiled Gravy and Watery Raita
Horrible Biryani & Spoiled Gravy

There were problems galore with Paradise Biryani Pointe's Egg Biryani:
  • First, the brownish color gravy liquid that came with the Egg Biryani was spoiled. It smelled bad and had a sour, putrified taste. It was so bad that a tiny quantity of the gravy created a severe feeling of nausea.
  • Second, Egg Biryani lacked the aromatic flavor and taste of Biryani. More importantly, it clearly lacked the hand of a competent Chef.
  • Third, it was low on Biryani spices.
  • Fourth, the Biryani spices had not seeped into the rice and vegetables.
  • Fifth, some parts of Paradise Biryani's Egg Biryani tasted like eating chunks of plain basmati rice and other parts like digging into chunks of rice mixed with red chilli powder carelessly thrown into it.
  • Sixth, the accompanying second side dish onion raita was way too watery as if it were prepared with buttermilk rather than yogurt.
  • Seventh, the serving size was too small considering the Egg Biryani costs $11.99.

    Far too pricey compared to the fine dine-in Egg Biryani for $8.00 that some of the nearby Biryani joints like Dakshin Express serve. Sure, Paradise's Biryani came with two boiled eggs but still the premium price is not justified because of the awful quality and smaller serving size.
  • Finally, Paradise Biryani's Egg Biryani caused us severe Buyers Remorse because we felt duped by these rascals.

  • Poor Service

    Paradise Biryani treats its paying customers with contempt.

    The Telugu girl at the counter was busy chatting away on her cell phone and in a hostile mood.

    How can the kitchen be closed when there is a bright OPEN sign outside.

    We placed our order of Egg Biryani and paid for it. When it came to returning the change to us she not only gave $2.00 less but when we pointed it out argued that tax was included. So we politely requested her to do the math again and return the full change due to us.

    The blabbering Telugu idiot paused a moment from her blah-blah-blah on the phone and checked again. With a sheepish look, the clown muttered Sorry, sorry, sorry and returned the balance due to us. Of course, the bozo quickly resumed her yakking on the phone.

    If you think many of our Tamil readers are crude scumbags, you ain't seen these classless Telugu shanis running businesses in the U.S. They are sick weirdos who seem to have missed the evolution boat.

    By the way, no plates, napkins or spoons were included with our takeout order of Egg Biryani.

    Paradise Biryani Pointe Rating - Must Avoid

    Avoid Paradise Biryani Pointe on Oak Tree Road like the plague.

    The clueless monkeys at Paradise Biryani Pointe on Oak Tree Road, Edison served us the most flavorless, spiceless monstrosity of an Egg Biryani accompanied by spoiled gravy and poor service after charging $11.99 before tax.

    Folks, Dakshin Express, barely a minute's walk from Paradise Biryani Pointe serves a million times better Egg Biryani and at a lower cost. - © OakTreeRoad.us

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