Sardar Patel Plaza on Oak Tree Road

Sardar Patel Plaza is located on Middlesex Ave, a stones throw away from Oak Tree Road in Iselin.

This shopping complex houses a bunch of Indian fashion stores, a small Paratha restaurant and a grocery store.

Sardar Patel Plaza Middlesex Avenue
Sardar Patel Plaza
Middlesex Ave, Iselin
(Off Oak Tree Road)

Khasiyat restaurant offers a variety of Parathas and North Indian curries as well as South Indian treats like Masala Dosa, Idly, Vada.

Subzi Mandi in the Sardar Patel Plaza is a little cramped but sells a range of Indian grocery items, ready to eat curry packets and fresh vegetables.

Zuni Fashions, Kadambari and Devi sell a choice of Indian clothing and fashion accessories for weddings, festivals and parties.

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