First Pakistan Day Parade on Oak Tree Road

August 2, 2015 - A Pakistan Day Parade and Festival will be celebrated on Oak Tree Road in Edison / Iselin on August 16, 2015.

This is the first time Pakistanis have organized a parade on Oak Tree Road, the business hub in Middlesex County with dozens of stores and restaurants that cater to immigrants from South Asia.

Indians, of course, have been celebrating India Independence Day through parades and floats for several years.

Pakistan Day Parade - Details
Pakistan Day Parade starts @ 1PM at Shezan restaurant at 1673 Oak Tree Road in Edison, and will end at the intersection of Oak Tree Road and Middlesex Avenue in Iselin.

The parade will include floats and bands depicting the culture of Pakistan.

Pakistan Day festival also includes live music, cultural celebrations and food vendors serving Pakistani cuisine on Middlesex Ave in Iselin.

Pakistan Day Parade will feature music performances by popular artists Fariha Pervez, Raheem Shah, Komal Malik, Waqas Ali, and Haider Afzal.

If you plan on visiting, get there early because parking around Oak Tree Road will be tight.

Oak Tree Road is home to a few restaurants like Sunshine Palace, Shalimar Grill and Kandahar serving Pakistani and Afghani food. Celebrate Pakistani Independence Day with a plate of Kebabs, Chicken Biryani and a glass of Kashmir Tea during your visit to the area.

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