Indian Flag Hoisting on Oak Tree Rd, Iselin

August 14, 2015 - To mark India's Independence Day, the Indo-American Cultural Society is planning a special function on Oak Tree Road in Iselin on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

Some members of the Indo-American Cultural Society will hoist India's flag at the First Presbyterian Church (1295 Oak Tree Road).
Indian Flag Hoisting Ceremony on Oak Tree Road
Indian Flag Hoisting on Oak Tree Rd, Iselin
Iselin Flag Hoisting
The flag hoisting and related celebrations are scheduled on Saturday from Noon through 3PM.

A sizable section of the New Jersey Indian community lives in Middlesex County, particularly in the towns of Edison, Iselin and Woodbridge.

Last week, several thousand Indians attended the 11th annual India Day parade on Oak Tree Road organized by rival Indian Business Association.

The faction-ridden Indian community in Edison and Iselin is divided between the Indian Business Association and Indo-American Cultural Society.

Flag Hoisting - Church Location
If you plan on attending the flag hoisting ceremony, First Presbyterian Church is at the intersection of Oak Tree Road and Middlesex Ave across the street from Shalimar Halal Grocery store.
Picture Courtesy: First Presbyterian Church of Iselin
First Presbyterian Church of Iselin
You can access the church compound via Middlesex Avenue or Rt-27.

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